Why you shouldn’t vote for Chris

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Chris Herrod has recently done two things:

Won the Utah Republican Party Convention Race for the party’s endorsement for the 3rd Congressional District to replace outgoing Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and attempted to remove his webpage from the internet.

The first is, and will be a matter for history.

The second, despite his best efforts, shall be also.

Chris and the delegates claim that he represents the views and beliefs of Utah’s third congressional district. We certainly hope that is not true. His former website “The Unconventional Conservative” is filled with vitriol, hate, racism, narcissism, and incompetence. These pages of callousness, xenophobia, and oafishness paint a picture that all people of good will recoil from.

He has now achieved his goal, and is (tragically) again a public figure. His likeness, image, statements and writings are (perhaps finally…) matters of public interest and concern. He has tried to hide who he is and what he wants from you.

Fake Chris Herrod campaign website from the Salt Lake Tribune Politics Facebook Page

Voting is an important job that should be taken seriously. With a rapidly approaching primary election deciding who to vote for, voters need all the information. We felt that it would be irresponsible to not hold Chris Herrod accountable. He posted these words, this content for all to read. Then when he won, he promptly deleted them from the website. The “etch-a-sketch” trick won’t work here. These are the words of a man who believes he is the model citizen of Utah.

These are the words of a candidate who was too extreme to be a member of the Utah legislature. They are the ideas of a man who wants to represent you, taking the easy way out. Using insults and petty Photoshop edits over real ideas of reform and governing.

We have tried to re-assemble the site as best we can prior to it’s sudden deletion after winning the nomination on Saturday, June 17th 2017. ¬†With each post, we have included a screenshot, and the text of his original article as they appeared on the Unconventional Conservative blog. These are accurate and entire posts. The only editing done to the screenshots are to make them load faster on your devices screen.

It is imperative to remember, that these are his words. Not ours. These are his ideas. Not ours. These are the words of a man who claims to want to represent over half a million people in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District.

The words are his. The vote is yours. The Decision rests upon you, the voters of Utah’s Third Congressional District. We just want to make sure you have all the information about the man claiming to represent you.

Some will accuse this site of being a political hit job. Using this medium to tarnish the name of a good man. We do not know Chris Herrod personally. We wish him no ill-will. We just do not want him representing us when there are other, true conservative candidates who could do a better job ensuring a voice for Utah.

For more information please email herrodweb@protonmail.com