Chris Herrod fought the law; and the law won.

We were given a nifty present for Pioneer Day from one of our friends.

Chris Herrod ended up going to court over a minor speeding ticket, and tried to fight it. We have the audio! (Note. It is pretty long. But totally worth it.)

Fox 13 in Salt Lake City has the entire backstory – we have the Audio:

For the record, Chris. We all know you were a former Legislator. We have seen the videos.

The audio is long, there is about a 15 minute gap where you can hear the judge talking to people in the room as Mr. Herrod left to go move his car – to prevent himself from getting another ticket.

A couple of questions to keep in mind while you listen:

1. Why on earth would anyone want to object to a reduction in charges?

2. Chris argues about civil infractions and targeted enforcement. Improper entry or overstaying a visa is a civil infraction. Just like speeding. Yet Chris argues that he should be let go on his way, while running on a platform of maximum punitive enforcement of undocumented immigrants. Why does he want it both ways?

3. Chris had his behind handed to him by a prosecutor that you can hear in the unedited clip explaining how she went to law school and is relatively new as a SLC prosecutor.

4. If he is this bad at getting a speeding ticket thrown out, how will he be able to accomplish anything in Washington on behalf of the 3rd district, and Utah as a whole?

So, sit back. Relax, and enjoy the courtroom theatrics!