Chris Herrod on: Defining decency in the media. Oh, and liberals in control at Deseret Media Corp.

Years ago, during the McCarthy Hearings, a response was made popular, “Have you no sense of decency?” Although years later, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, KGB files confirmed that many of those accused were actually helping the Soviet Union, but at that point, the truth didn’t matter as the classic line was already engraved in our societal psyche.

But today, a similar inquiry seems to be happening here in Utah.  In all my years of Utah politics, I have never seen such an effort to bully the legislature into passing any sort of legislation, as I have with Healthy Utah.  It’s an all-out attack by many of those who stand to profit – most notably the Utah Hospital association and the Utah Chamber of Commerce.  KSL’s Doug Wright seems to be on the warpath as well and has spared no hyperbole in his rhetoric against House members, especially House Leadership.

Frankly, I could handle the deceptive ads by the Utah Hospital Association … the tag line being “Designed by Utahns for Utahns.”  This can only be true, if you believe that a plan is actually designed by Utahns, when they go back to Washington and beg:

“Can we do this?” asks the Governor of Utah.

“No!” says the Obama Administration.

“Can we do this?”


“Can we do this?

“No, but you can do this.” says the Obama Administration.

“Okay, that will be Utah’s plan.”

Most of us wouldn’t consider this process as Utah designing Healthy Utah …. as Utah says “mother may I” to the ever growing federal behemoth.  Yet, that’s what Lane Beattie, Gail Miller, and Karen Huntsman would have you believe.

When many of these people started playing the “moral” card, I could still keep my composure (but I had to write a blog).


I could even handle the constant criticism of Utah being called rightwing despite Healthy Utah being solid left wing Republicanism.

I could handle the crocodile tears by the lobbyists making hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I could even handle the almost non-stop whining by Doug Wright evoking God and Country.

I could handle Speaker Greg Hughes getting criticized, more like crucified, in the media.  Conservatives are used to being fodder for the Desert Media Group which seems to have nothing better to do.  Greg’s mostly conservative, and unfortunately such is the lot of any conservative here in Utah.  Greg did a great job defending himself, however, on the Doug Wright Show.

Minute 54

Hour 1

and bleeds over to the next hour

2nd Hour

But what I couldn’t not handle is the taking the name of good man, Representative Jim Dunnigan, and slowly trying to chip away at his character.  I haven’t always see eye to eye with Dunnigan on policy issues but there’s no better man.  You see, Jim is a moderate, and he’s still being attacked by the media.

Doug Wright of KSL Radio had Majority Leader on his program but afterwards would say, “According to Dunnigan ….. “ trying to cast doubt on what Dunnigan had just said. Doug never took the time to verify the facts.  Doug even implied that Dunnigan had only spent 10 hours studying Healthy Utah which Doug opined that was nothing compared to governor.

Representative Jim Dunnigan knows more about healthcare than anyone I know.  He’s been on the healthcare task force from the very beginning and if he is not for Healthy Utah, there must be a good reason.  But rather than just accept that Dunnigan’s perspective is different than his, Doug has gone for an all-out assult on Dunnigan’s credibility as well as the House.  Just listen to Doug’s lack of balance and over-the-top and hard facts.

Doug Wright Show

And while Rep. Dunnigan can certainly take care of himself, I find it disgusting that now, when someone who is proudly moderate, but who sees the wisdom of looking at the facts, studying the numbers, and not succumbing to peer pressure, media pressure, campaign pressure, is attacked on his character.  Jim’s a conservative’s moderate … kinda of like a man’s man before it became politically incorrect to say… maybe best said a legislator’s legislator.  He makes his decision based on the facts before him, not what his “moderateness” would peg him or where Doug’s “liberalness” would want him to be.

I thought we wanted moderates who could bridge the gaps … oh, I guess, just moderates who agree with Doug Wright and if they don’t we will especially go after them.

This ringing endorsement might not help Rep Jim Dunnigan in his district … he probably doesn’t want it.  If it causes harm to his moderate credentials, for that I am sorry, jim, but I know of no more honest legislator than Jim Dunnigan.  His the perfect man, for the position of Majority leader now.   He’ll treat you fairly and that is why it bugs me so much when Wright his treating him so unfairly.

Have you no sense of decency Doug Wright?  How about you KSL Radio News?


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