Chris Herrod on: Defining who is and who isn’t a Nazi.

I’m amazed how often people don’t see the relationship between their actions (or inactions) and future events.  Similarly, we act surprised when others say something, even write about their intentions in books and in speeches, and then actually follow through when they get elected or come to power.  These phenomena seem most common with my moderate friends . . .  and unfortunately are rampant here in Utah.

When Paul Mero and Doug Wright compared Trump supporters to Nazis last month, I realized the better historical analogy would be to compare Mero, Wright, and others who push for amnesty, to Neville Chamberlain.  Hitler wrote in his book, Mein Kampf, about his goals and intentions, yet world leaders did nothing and were ill-prepared for what was to come.  We now consider Neville Chamberlain a fool for his naivety and statement “Peace in our Time” for we all know what happened . . .  over 50 million killed . . .  the world left in ruins . . .  and the foundation laid for Eastern Europe’s enslavement during the Cold War.

In our comfort, we now mock the ignorance and naivety back then and openly wonder how leaders could be so dumb.  “We are so much smarter and wiser” we opine  . . . and yet we do the exact same thing now.  Utah leaders even lead the charge in laying the foundation for our loss of freedoms . . . and yet these same leaders act surprised at the changes in our country despite Barack Obama openly saying that he fundamentally wanted to change America. Just like Chamberlain, we repeat to ourselves, “Obama and other progressives really don’t mean what they say!” and yet they do.

Common sense dictates that if you want to fundamental change America that you need to replace or at least delude the vote of those who are against such change.  If you want to control government then win  elections – it’s not complicated.  If the Constitution gets in your way, simply appoint judges that ignore the Constitution . . . and so seemingly small capitulations make a difference . . .  ending in a crescendo.

For the past century, we’ve ignored the reality that illegal and above-normal legal immigration has been desired by almost every progressive movement.  It’s been part of the Communist Party’s and Socialist’s Party’s platforms for generations, and more recently the Democrat’s platform. It’s there, just like “Mein Kampf”, but we ignore it or think it’s harmless . . . “it’s coincidental” we deceive ourselves. But it’s not out of kindness that progressives get immigrants immediately hooked on government programs which change centuries-old traditions of immigrant self-sufficiency, but out of a desire for power.  We fool ourselves that problems with immigration are “just by chance” and that progressives aren’t aware that 70-80% of immigrants vote Democrat.  We ignore such realities at our peril.

What’s most frustrating to me, however, is that while it’s currently in vogue to bemoan the loss of religious freedoms and the out-right attacks on religious freedoms by the courts, where was the concern decades ago when many of us raised concerns about the strategy progressive were using to effect change?  Why couldn’t leaders see that when the rule of law is ignored in one area that other rights will be eventually taken in another . . . or the natural consequences when immigrants come from primarily socialist countries?

It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to understand that no single political tool of the left has threatened religious freedom as has illegal immigration . . . illegal immigration (and to a certain point legal immigration) has affected  elections, especially Presidential, which determines who gets to appoint Supreme Court Judges. It’s no secret that the left has long had a goal to take over the judiciary system because even the Founders realized that it was the weakest link. It’s not by legislation, but by lifetime-appointed judges that the left has been most successful attacking religious liberties and our traditional freedoms.

Unfortunately, consequences of illegal immigration aren’t felt immediately and so it’s harder for some to seen the correlation . . .  with illegal immigrants, it takes 18 or more years for children born here to vote and effect elections . . .  with legal immigrants, it can be as soon as five. That’s why so many of my friends from California and Arizona especially those in law enforcement, have said, “By the time you know it’s a problem, it’s too late to do anything about it.” Wise leaders should be able to predict not simply react especially when the other side is open about their intentions.

And so just like Chamberlain, we naively think when George Soros pushes for open borders, amnesty, and mass immigration from Central America that he’s doing it out of the kindness of his Heart . . . no pause when we’re the same side of an issue with a man who is well-known for wanting to undermine our system and bring about social chaos.  But instead of self-reflection, we provide Soros and other progressives cover with the Utah Compact and parrot Obama’s claim for the need of prosecutorial discretion.

Let’s look at the results . . . illegal immigration and out-of-the-norm legal immigration has single-handedly flipped California from Republican to Democrat and made other traditionally Republican states in play. In 1970, only 9% of Californians were foreign-born.  Today, it’s over 27% and yet we ignorantly throw up our hands in surprise when values change and say, “How could this happen?” California, with its 55 electoral votes, used to be in play for Republicans . . . now it is not even close.  California is equivalent to the 14 states smallest states, and so when California went Democrat, it dramatically changed the electoral map. So as the U.S. nears all-time foreign-born percentages, we wonder why we’re torn in every direction.

But’s what worse, we, like Neville Chamberlain, pretend it was by “accident” and claim that “no-one could have known” but this is simply not the case . . .  it happened because we pussy-footed around tough issues . . . when we feared to offend our Democrat and moderate friends . . . or to take stands against Keegan, Ginsberg, or Sotomayor.  We feared being viewed as extreme.  Make no mistake, I have many wonderful Democrat friends (some who even read this blog) who are great people with sincere beliefs . . . but it does us no good when we ignore that fact that their party has been taken over by radical progressives . . . who for decades now, regardless of what mainstream Democrats believe, have appointed judges who are antagonist towards religion.  We fool ourselves that such appointments don’t matter

We’ve also been lured to sleep when our newspapers censored quotes that don’t fit their agenda . . .  Hillary Clinton was allowed by the Deseret News to use Mormon quotes however she wanted . . .  but the following quote was censure in previous Deseret News Op-Ed and so we’re robbed of prophetic warnings:

While enemies filter into our nation to subvert us and intimidate us and soften us, we continue with our destructive thinking: “It can’t happen here.”

Spencer W. Kimball, Conference Report, October 1961, pp. 29-34

So for all the advancement we think we’ve had since the 1930’s, we are no better.  We’re just as naïve as Chamberlain and throw away our freedoms just as fast . . . good intentions will not save our religious and other freedoms any more than naive intentions spared the world from Hitler.

-Chris Herrod