Chris Herrod On: I can’t be racist, because EVERYONE is racist in their own special way.

As I was driving to Salt Lake yesterday, I listened to our old friend on the Doug Wright Show, who had a special program about officer-involved shootings in Utah.   On the show was panel consisting of SLPD Chief Burbank, Salt Lake County Sheriff Winder, a U of U sociology professor, and a representative from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I was happy to learn from a KSL reporter that Utah Police shootings are actually down over the last decade, despite what seems to be a number of high profile cases recently.

Wright played a number of recorded comments from listeners, and the conversation quickly deteriorated into mumbo-jumbo psychobabble about the state of race relations. Doug actually took a not so veiled swipe at those that he recorded. Few of the concerns from listeners were actually addressed. Burbank somehow managed to bring illegal-immigration into the mix and went off on typical liberal analysis of the cause of all our social problems. To sum up the conversation, at one point it became five ‘ol white guys sitting around blaming whites for all our social ills in America (Yes, I now the Hispanic gentleman is Hispanic but Hispanics are actually considered white when talking about race). Actually Winder wasn’t bad, but at some point, I had to laugh as I pictured the image.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no question that discrimination still exists, but racism exists in many forms and in many directions. Concerns of minorities should be listened to, but so should concerns of the majority, which were so quickly brushed aside during the program. When one really analyzes the overall conversation with an objective view, it actually had a surprising racial undercurrent that those on the panel, especially Wright and Burbank, didn’t seem to realize. Of course, there was no one there to call them on it, but they seem to be blind to actual racism, nonetheless.

Former Democratic Governor Richard Lamm of Colorado warned of not only “unloving critics,” but also of “uncritical lovers” of minority culture who:

“…explain all low performance and minority social problems as the effects of ‘racism and discrimination’. They generally brand all critical comments on minority under performance as ‘racism’ and blaming the victim.”

Governor Lamm cautioned that the conversation is not for the faint of heart – nobody knows that better than I … but that conservation can never take place, if opposing views aren’t given the opportunity to truly be heard, and echo chambers are simply assembled for the issuance of blame. Governor Lamm added:

“We need a candid public debate about what social glue is necessary to keep diverse people living together in peace. Tragically, one has to risk being called a racist to even begin a discussion.”

Sadly, no such courage on the Doug Wright Show today.

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On a lighter note…Doug supposedly ripped me again on Wednesday. And, Kirk Jowers even declared that the Founding Fathers would be behind the destruction of the Caucus/Convention System. Strange.   Since the primary system wasn’t used until after the Civil War. Doug did encourage me to start my timer and conceded 11 minutes 15 seconds to the CMV cause. The only problem?! It was actually 7 minutes 49 seconds [12/17/14, 3rd Hour, 49:38 to 57:27, on CMV topic].  Darn.   Guess that means I’ll be comping him for the extra time ; )