Chris Herrod On: Your freedom being under attack by not-really Republicans! #Panic!

LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE RADIO SEGMENT [Start at Marker 8:37 minutes, Tuesday, December 2nd, Second Hour]


Over the past ten days, Doug has included as guests on his radio show a number of advocates for the “restructuring” of the Caucus/Convention system in Utah.  Although Doug considers himself a fair and balanced moderator of political issues on his show, clearly he’s strayed from that practice during the SB54 debate.   A rough analysis of the time allotted for guests PRO and CON for SB54 has revealed that supporters of the Caucus/Convention System have been afforded significantly less air time.  (See graphic.)

No less than 17 times Doug spoke-over the top of or interrupted (former Utah State Senator) James Evans – the Utah Republican Party Chairman.  Three times Doug laughed out loud in the most debasing way (which is usually an indication that someone has lost control of the argument).

Doug began the segment by dishonestly describing the SB 54 as a compromise and even claimed that “everyone got behind SB 54.”  This is simply NOT true.  And, ironically, Doug later called James out for using the term “everyone” during their discussion.  James began by calmly stating that he disagreed with Doug’s “erroneous setup” before their dialogue began, which quickly elicited a strong response from Wright.  Doug started by saying “Okay, correct me…” but wouldn’t restrain himself and immediately went on the offensive by saying “I don’t know why (you) always come out blasting both barrels.” I assume when he says “blasting with both barrels,” he means speaking the truth.

Then came…“Geez James! Get your act together!” and… “Hold on here James! You may be able to bully your way through other things but you are on MY radio program right now!” – Doug Wright | KSL Radio

At one point during their exchange, Wright zealously interrupted Evans and retorted “How dare you treat me like this!”  Treat you like what–I would ask?  Again, who is Doug Wright.  Yes, he’s been a republican party delegate, and, he claims to be a life-long member of the Utah Republican Party.  As with anyone, his opinion should be considered and respected.  But, respect is not what is being asked for here.  Wright want’s us to relinquish, or at least make subservient our opinions and principles to him and other “prominent” republicans.  It seems he wants his opinion amplified on a greater frequency than everyone else…which is elitism.  Doug is the king of name-droppers: Kirk Jowers, Mike Leavitt, LeVarr Webb, Senator Curt Bramble, et. al, and, expects that such names will pull extra weight simply because of his association with these people and their positions – not because of the strength of their arguments.

“It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the People against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern; they promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” – Daniel Webster


Doug is used to controlling the debate on his radio show.  He’s used to framing the “dialogue” in a way most helpful to him and his agenda.  He often invites guests who support his viewpoints and principles rather than offering the listener a true exchange of ideas.


When asked by Chairman Evans why Doug was being so hostile, Wright mentioned he was concerned about the timing of the lawsuit and why it wasn’t filed earlier.  (Interestingly enough, Doug never questioned the timing of those individuals who challenged Amendment 3, the Marriage Amendment– nearly ten years earlier.  Neither did I hear Doug express concern, or anger, toward those filing the lawsuit about the costs incurred by taxpayers – only concern of the state defending the law.)  Doug interjected such words as “disingenuous” and “irresponsible” to describe the lawsuit.  I am not sure what’s “disingenuous” or “irresponsible” about protecting one’s civil rights, because if Government can take a political party’s First Amendment Rights away, then certainly it’s only a matter of time before government will take away Our religious freedoms (oh’ it already has) and freedom of the press, as well.

What WAS disingenuous, to use Wright’s words, is when Doug feigned concern about the schism within the Republican Party.  Well, let’s look at the facts.  For the past several years, Wright’s camp has pushed the demise of the Caucus/Convention system issue in the Republican Party.  The Party dealt with the schism and Wright’s camp lost.  But, like a spoiled child with a skinned knee, the Count-My-Vote (CMV) folks ran away and sought relief from their government.  In fact, the CMV folks are jeopardizing the party by being sore losers.

So, how about this CMV folks…why not try take over the Republican State Central Committee, again…and then change all the rules to your liking?!  That would work.  And, it’s how to get things done in Our Republic.  But, don’t use the force of government when you can’t prevail by reason.

As Republicans, I hope we can unite around George Washington’s belief that, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force.”